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What Should Women wear to the Gym

By Devender , August 30, 2018 / 0 Comments

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Going to the gym is important for one’s health and body stamina but it has also become a fashion statement now. So, when you are going to the gym, there is a need to wear the right active wears while working out in the gym.

Having the right wear can help you to feel more comfortable and motivate you when you are burning your sweat. Gone are the days, when women were stressed so much about the clothing while exercising. Today, there is a variety of gym wear that is comfortable, yet still functional and fashionable. It’s true when you look good, you feel good. So, start building your wardrobe of workout clothing so you feel motivated to show your new shape or look fashionable. The things which are essential for you while you go to gym are:

Workout clothes

The first and important thing while going to a gym is your workout clothes. The type of material of your clothes should be soft and allow you to feel confident, dry, and comfortable. The workout clothing depends on the type of workout you perform. You will be bending and moving around while exercising, so it is important that your clothes should allow for flexibility. Make sure the clothing you choose made of synthetic material such as acrylic, nylon, or polypropylene for comfort and balanced functionality.

Among all synthetic fabric, cotton is the best workout fabric as it is comfortable, breathable, and reasonably priced. Here is the list of workout clothes that you need while going to the gym.

1.    A Supportive Sports bra

gym wear for women

Before purchasing any tops and pants, leggings, you need to go to the lingerie store. While doing a workout, it is important to stay flexible. A sports bra can mean the difference between a painful experience and a solid workout. You have to bend and move while doing any exercise. So, sports bra can protect you from the pain and supports your boot and minimize excessive movements. Visit a store, choose professionally measured sports bra and try various bra styles that are perfect for your body shape.

While choosing your sports bra to make sure the bra should be made of a material such as Lycra that helps absorb sweat and keep you dry. Make sure straps of the bra don’t dig into your shoulders and you should be able to breathe comfortably.

2.    Fitted Tops

gym wear

Gone are the days, when there was a rule of wearing oversized shirts and tops in the gym time. Today, instructors give the instruction to wear fitted clothes while doing exercise because tight clothing helps to perform well while doing the workout.

Prefer to wear tank tops and slim-fitting clothes because these types of clothes absorb sweat and help to keep you cool and dry at the gym. It is a fact that if you see your body flaws then you feel more motivated to work more. If you wear fitted tops, then you can do your exercise or yoga without any tension.

3.    Stylish and Functional Sports Leggings


A question will arise in your mind if you can wear the basic leggings while exercising. So, let me answer this question for you – Functional sports leggings are of high-waist and helps you to keep your tummy under control while working out. The best feature of this legging is it does not stretch out easily and has an adjustable waistline for more fit.

This type of legging wicks the moisture and is made up of an anti-microbial fabric that helps dry out sweat. The sports legging allow flexibility when you are exercising or moving, which is the best part of it. Look for a different style that makes you fit and try the variety of functional sports legging.

You can also go for stretch pants, shorts, cropped leggings for yoga etc.

4.    A Post Workout Jacket

gym wear for men

When it comes to winters, a sports jacket is the perfect gym wear for girls. You can treat your jacket as a fashion accessory. Like all good active wear, these jackets are also made up of anti-microbial fabric. The jacket covers your whole body and you feel comfortable whether you are exercising or doing any movement of your body.

You can match the sports jacket with sports legging of the same color or with the tight fitting bottom.

5. Track pants

track pants

Track pant is the outfit that you can wear when you are going to the gym as well as on the sports ground. Track pants are usually made of comfortable and absorbent material.You can wear track pants with fitted t-shirts and shoes.

Proper Footwear

thermals for men

Choose footwear according to your activities and exercises. Your footwear should be different for aerobic classes and running. The other factor that matters is the shape of your foot. You may require extra support in the arches, but it depends on your arch – high arch or low arch or flat feet.

Always try different sizes of shoes according to your foot size because comfort is important. You can check the comfort level of shoes by walking around the store and jumping up and down. Another way to check the comfort level is to wear socks under your shoes and walking for some time. White and gray socks are perfect for the gym.

Make sure the pair of shoes you select are right for the exercise they will be used for.If you do cardio exercises then make sure the shoes you select offer protection to your feet and legs.

Other essentials or gym wear that you can add in your gym clothing are – Full-size towel, a face towel, comfy gym shoes etc. The purpose of wearing sports bra, tank tops, fitted t-shirt, sports legging, and shoes is to give a stylish look and comfort level while working out. Start wearing right gym clothes so that you can work more without any problem and that compliment your figure.

Hopefully, this was useful information and will give you more confidence while hitting the gym.

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