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Outfits for Comfort and Style- When you just want to be Cozy

By Devender , July 30, 2018 / 0 Comments

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Winter is the favorite season of everyone. In winters, there is shivering and layering. Everyone wait for winters eagerly and wants the go for a winter break. One other reason for which people used to wait for winters is snow. The other benefit of winter is that cold helps you burn fat. Also, in winters we can take the advantage of the sunshine. We can maintain a healthy environment consisting of warmth and sunlight in winters. There are a lot of options of dresses are available as compared to other seasons. It is true there is something about winters which make us just to want to wrap ourselves in warm clothes like woolen scarves and all things winter cozy. Most of the people like to visit some places in winters because they can wear any outfit which is stylish and trendy. It is important to layer properly in winters not only to protect you from the elements, but also to showcase your personality, looks, attitude, and sense of style. Here you get the ideas of wearing various outfits for some casual weekend or for a particular occasion.

For Girls

thermal wear

If you are going for a casual weekend, you can wear a woolen top or sweater and finish off the look with stylish boots or sports shoes. If you are going with your friends in any occasion you can select a mid-length sweater dress and this wardrobe works with flats and heels.

To look more stylish you can wear a trendy oversize blanket scarf. Throw it on with jeans or you can also add a basic sweater.

Planning a cold weather dinner and drinks with your friends? Ready with pair slim leather pants with an oversized sweater is the best outfit for this type of party.

Roomy black sweater with a flannel mini and finish the look with ankle booties or heels, depending on where you’re headed!

Pale blue denim jacket, black tights, knee-length suede boots, shoulder bag and a heavy knit scarf is the perfect outfit for the purpose of traveling. You can also go for a black leather jacket and style it with a simple white tee and black skinny.

The warmest outfit is an elongated heavy knit grey sweater worn with black leather leggings with white shoes. If you want to look elegant go for a striped cardigan with cream top or black legging.

Wear ribbed turtleneck sweater or tailored coat for office purpose. You can also wear thermal wear under the coat.  Pair it with skinny jeans whether of color black or blue according to the combination

For Men

track pants

For men, a tailored sweater with a nice collared shirt underneath is the perfect outfit for any social and business event. There is no reason to sacrifice with your comfort due to looks, so don’t hesitate to cover your ears with earmuffs, hands by gloves, head by caps, and whatever else that makes those falling temperatures more tolerable.

The Scarf is a natural feminine accessory- we can say but cannot be forgotten in a man’s winter wardrobe. Wearing a scarf can protect you from cold during each breath and can be wear in different ways. Thick wool scarves with dark tones are the perfect outfit for men.

Trench coat can add polish to your dress and you can wear trench coat with any style. It is the most essential outfit in men’s wardrobe.

Jeans are the most common outfit in men’s wardrobe. There are so many varieties and styles of jean you have to select which one will suits you the most. The important thing which you should check which jeans provide you with the most comfort. If you are not able to buy an expensive pair of jeans due to your restrictive budget, always go for a natural material content. Clothing for style and comfort is easy now, make sure whatever you buy is of the best quality, natural fiber content is high, and the style is versatile.

A winter coat is a great addition to any outfit in cold weather. There are so many modern fashionable winter coats available in a variety of style and looks but the most popular and warmest is the wool and cotton. Men can also wear thermal wears undercoats to stay warm and cozy. Never compromise with your comfort.

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