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Why is it easier to look beautiful in Winters & How!

By Devender , August 14, 2018 / 1 Comment

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The Winter season has all the class in it – the clothes, the accessories, the makeup the travel, the food  and do you one more thing – while we ‘sweat’ in summers, we ‘perspire’ in winters. It is all about the class.

Winter is the coldest season in the year and comes with the most beautiful things on offer. There are some cool and pretty things that go along with the cold weather. And I am not just talking about the gifts and polar bears here I am talking about the beauty because when it comes to beauty, winter is the best season. It is true that beauty routine can benefit from slightly cold weather.

Reasons why Winter Beauty is Better!

Blow drying-   A Great Experience!

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As summer is full of hot and sweaty scalp, it is difficult to blow your hair after you have washed. Most of the girls avoid blow drying in summers. But, winter is the perfect season in which you can do anything. You can get the heat and feel warmness while drying your hair.

No Sweaty-Faced Makeup

Winter means no more sweat on the face. Applying makeup on the face in the summers is really difficult. When I put it on my face, it drips off.  I reapply the makeup, it slides back off. If you have to go somewhere in the summers, whether at a party or somewhere else your makeup smudges in a while, that becomes an awkward situation for you.

More Hairstyle Options

In summers, no one likes to make different hairstyles due to sweating on the neck & the head. But when it comes to winters, there are endless options. You can wear it up or down, half-up or half-down. You can make any of the hairstyles that you like without thinking so much. And in winters you can also straighten your hair within few minutes easily. So, start looking for different hairstyle choices.

Long hot baths

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A long, hot bath in summer is most likely one of the most terrible things possible however it gives a nice experience in winters & is healthy & healing for your body.

No more bugging

Most of the bugs seem to disappear during winters that makes you happy. Goodbye Mosquitoes! Come next summer!

Cozy winter fashion

Winter fashion is much more comfortable as compared to summer fashion. You have so many options for clothing and accessories in winters. You can wear various styles, fashionable clothing in winters.

Hot Drinks

track pants

It is a fact that most of the people probably drink hot drinks all year round. If hot coffee is your one of the favorite drinks, you can’t drink it in summer without being comfortable. And one of the best feelings in winters is drinking your tea or coffee while snuggled under a cozy blanket – or even outside to keep you warm.


Summer is the season in which you can’t eat more quantity or variety of food items. In winters, there are endless possibilities. There are countless combinations of warm drinks and soups that help to warm your body and soul. You can eat burgers, hot dogs, and pizza without getting irritated and happily.

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