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The best track pants wear to right now

By Devender , August 18, 2018 / 0 Comments

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The lazy multi taskers would like to sleep in track pants, work out in track pants and roam around in track pants all day long. This is the outfit that you can wear when you are going to the gym, on the sports ground, morning walk etc. This outfit can also use for casual purpose because it is comfortable in all aspects. Many people say track pants cannot be wear on heels. Guys! You can wear whatever goes with your mood. You can also wear the pants in cold lazy weekends, with a blazer, and a pair of heels. There are multiple ways of wearing a track pant. The best way of wearing is to pair them with the same shirt. Girls are really concerned about their looks, they think more about the dress combinations. If you’re ready to go on a walk and for a sporty below-the-waist option then prefer track pants. Celebrities have added to the craze by wearing track pants while traveling.

As one can see track pantshave multi utility. The challenge then becomes how to get this right for all people for all occasions.

You can scroll down to see track pants which celebrities like to wear and also get some tips to get more trendy and fashionable look.

Types of Track Pants

Palm Angels Block Track Pants

track pants women

If you do not like the single stripe design on your track pant so there is the other option for you that consists of color blocked multi-stripe. You can wear this type of pant in a gym. One great thing about these track pants is that they come in a variety of colors, optical white, including warm weather friendly. It suits more when you pair with bold colors.

Sandro Track Pant

sports wear

If you like bold color contrast then Sandro Track pant is the perfect outfit for you. The stuff of these pants is like a marching-band pant. But the marching-band pants are little expensive than others and made out of wool. These track pants are available in different styles and designs. You can wear those designs in the office also. It looks like a professional outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger Striped Sporty Sweatpants

track pants

These types of pants are straight or slightly tapered fit, cut from a common cotton-poly blend, and perfect for those who are slim. You can get various colors in this style. Wear this with a black bandeau top and the same color jacket to make a more-sporty look. This look goes with boots and sunglasses.

Vince Track Pants

jockey track pants

These are the track pants with subtle woven side-stripe detailing. Due to these stripes, their athletic quality becomes less. To get a fashionable look, pair this type of track paint with a rock black t-shirt and with heels for a more fashionable look. You can also pair with a top of full sleeves and shoes.

In men’s track pants there is a slim cut and zipped side pocket. Wear this with a cashmere V-neck sweater over a white tee when you are outside from the home. And if you really want to leave an impression on your co-worker, swap in a blazer or turtleneck. You can also wear soft thermal wears under the sweater and jacket to get the dashing look and to stay warm.

Adidas BB Track Pant

adidas track pants

When we are talking about brands there is a name that we can’t skip: Adidas. The three stripes in the track pant show the originality of the brand. Adidas track pants are made from a cotton-polyester blend. It will look fabulous when you wear this with a tucked-in T-shirt or slouchy hoodie. You can also pair it with a matching jacket and can wear a thermal wear under the jacket to get the attracting look.

Gym Track Pants

Yoga pants are something you don’t feel too comfortable in then you can go with a pair of track pants which athletes wear while working out or running. These types of pants usually made of comfortable and absorbent material. The best thing about these pants is that they can help you look good at the gym. You can wear gym track pants with a simple tee shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Track pants are comfortable when you go on picnic, holiday, or garden parties. Always prefer track pants instead of jeans while traveling.

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